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Teresa’s Flatter platter

A functional platter finished in food safe oil for Valaisanne (meats and cheeses)

Matt’s flatter platter

Not sure of the wood, probably elm or maple. Not sure what food I’d serve from it but I think it looks cool and it’s pretty flat.


Platter made in Birch. Intrinsic colour. Finish with hampshire Sheen gloss wax end microcrystalline wax.

Textured Burr Oak

Texture and platter in one, 27″ Burr Oak Platter textured with an Arbortech blade in an a 4.5″ angle grinder

Flat-ish platter

Here is my submission for the monthly 360 challenge. My “flatter platter” is not super flat, but I wanted to do something which reminded me of my trips to Australia and so I wanted to show the colours of the Red Centre with ancient pictograms from the Aboriginal people including their cave art. The images …

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Here is my submission for the monthly 360 challenge. The small goblet(3.5 in x 1.5 in) was inspired by watching Pat Carroll and is made from scrap spruce, unfinished as I knew I would employ acrylic paints, thickly, to look like aged rust. I hacked at the form with a Dremel then used a dry …

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Raised Flatter Platter

I dont know what the wood is as it came from a log pile. I turned it and then coloured it with Intrinsic Colours and finished it with Hampshire Sheen High Gloss

Less is more!

I wasn’t happy with my textured goblet, as originally entered, having put too much colour on the stem, so I put it back on the lathe and re-turned the stem and base. That was an interesting exercise and I think the result is far better, so here is the goblet, with the colour removed from …

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“Tiger King” textured flatter platter!

Beech, cut with a textured stripe finish on top rim, with a brass inlay into the crack, HS intrinsic colours to create & enhance the tiger stripes. Reverse side has HS textured black and white mixed volcanic sand inserted into rings. Approx 3mm thickness across platter with a 2mm foot/mortise all finished with YG and …

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Flatter Vertical Platter

Inspired by a piece from Bodrighywood, but also a cross between an LP and a waterwheel in it’s race. Stand is not yet complete, I think I will take the “race” deeper and make the holding arm a thin curved one, but the flatter platter is 300mm diameter x 4mm thick it does spin in …

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