September 2020 archive

Mixed up

Mixed media platter with HS intrinsic colours and Chestnut iridescent paints finished with gloss lacquer

Epoxy resin burr bowl

Epoxy resin oak burr bowl. First time casting and turning a hybrid blank.

Tom’s round bowl

Small bowl from a Jatobe blank, for the September challenge.

Abstract exercise

Airbrush on Beech block worktop off cut

Simple bowl #2

5.5 inches x 3 inches made from Sycamore but stained to look like Yew

Simple bowl #1

5 inches x 2.5 inches from Ash

ash bowl

was off today so went for the first time in shed for a bit of quiet and rest…. ash bowl…but i understood that you loose all sense for turning very quickly when it is over 3 weeks you haven’t been at the lathe there is mistake but i think it is not too bad

Mixed up bowl

A dizzy bowl made with cherry, maple, purple hartand others that I dont know.

Halloween Wand

Not a fan of Harry Potter so no idea of what a wand should lok like but the grandaughter decided she would like one.. Well , she liked it

Getting Round with an Atmospheric Bowl

Mixed up the monthly challenge, with inspiration from Martins colouring demo too… Resulting in this silver birch bowl atmosphericly coloured with fiery sunset intrinsic collection, topped off with a high gloss wax.

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