October 2020 archive

It’s the Pretty OK Pumpkin, Chuckie Brown!

Segmented Jack o’Lantern bowl of Padauk and Wenge. 13 rings, 32 segments per ring. 417 pieces total including a floating bottom disc. Finish is Hampshire Sheen High Gloss Wax. 14 inches diameter and 7 inches tall!!

Mix and match wand

Wand made from three woods that you can interchange on a thread

Lit pumpkin

Last minute pumpkin and wand.

Pumpkin with Red Hot Core Wand

My efforts this month Willow Pumpkin finished in satin gloss and Ash Wand with a red hot core for increased power

Final wand

Here’s my final submission, it’s a wand I made for my daughter. Bloodwood which she asked that I paint as I painted her brothers, which caused me major pains.

Pumpkin wand

Here’s a wand I made for my kids teacher. 3 pumpkins for each of my kids in her class. It’s purple heart colored with iridescent paints and some burnt orange.

Wands for my boys

Here are a couple of wands I made for my boys. They are both maple which has been colored with intrinsic colors, and highlighted with some iridescent paints and embellishing waxes

Spooky Ash Pumpkin hollow form

I thought id turn both challenges this month. The pumpkin began life as a very nice piece of ash, before i turned and hollowed it. I coloured the pumpkin with intrinsic burnt orange and honey, before scorching, some careful sanding in places, and some more colour. very effective i think. think finial was coloured with …

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Wands for niece and nepher

Here are wands I made for my niece and nephew, One is bloodwood, and the other I can’t remember. The kids are only 4 so they need to be a little more sturdy.

Wizards wand

The wand is made from oak and the handle is cherry. Finished with Hampshire sheen danish oil.

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