November 2020 archive

Chalice with a ring!

A Chalice with a captive ring, made from an uninteresting (non branch) piece of monkey puzzle tree. Finished in black intrinsic with a little white and silver embellishing wax. (Approx 5″ across)

Archeological find

Chalice in Ash, 7″x3.5″. Coloured using Metal reactive paints

Dave John – Maple Challice w/Walnut Accents

3 1/2 inch 7 in height. Texturing and two captured rings. Shellac spray on finish.

Autumn Chalice

Made from a 6 by 4 inch piece of sycamore . I gave it a heavy base as it is a chalice not a goblet.

A simple sycamore challice

A simple goblet. Sorry Chalice in sycamore with a bit of natural edge. Finished with YG and HS high gloss.

Maple Chalice w/Walnut accent

Approx 3 1/2 in dia/ 7 inch height. Use of texturing tools and beading incorporated. Shellac spray on finish. Dave John

eucaliptus chalice

a piece of eucaliptus finished with HS gloss wax ..might try a wider and lower one next time ?

Textured, tactile platter

11.5″ in diameter. Don’t remember what type of wood. Top colored with HS Intrinsic colors and a light touch of Gold Embellishing wax on the center textured area. Bowl and bottom finished with HS Gloss wax.

Two Cherry Chalice

From a Cherry Tree cut down March 2019

Olive Chalice

A small (75mm high, 75mm diameter) chalice in some rather nice olive wood. It feels really nice, too, so. bit touchy feely!

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