November 2020 archive

Chalice with a ring!

A Chalice with a captive ring, made from an uninteresting (non branch) piece of monkey puzzle tree. Finished in black intrinsic with a little white and silver embellishing wax. (Approx 5″ across)

Archeological find

Chalice in Ash, 7″x3.5″. Coloured using Metal reactive paints

Dave John – Maple Challice w/Walnut Accents

3 1/2 inch 7 in height. Texturing and two captured rings. Shellac spray on finish.

Autumn Chalice

Made from a 6 by 4 inch piece of sycamore . I gave it a heavy base as it is a chalice not a goblet.

A simple sycamore challice

A simple goblet. Sorry Chalice in sycamore with a bit of natural edge. Finished with YG and HS high gloss.

Maple Chalice w/Walnut accent

Approx 3 1/2 in dia/ 7 inch height. Use of texturing tools and beading incorporated. Shellac spray on finish. Dave John

eucaliptus chalice

a piece of eucaliptus finished with HS gloss wax ..might try a wider and lower one next time ?

Textured, tactile platter

11.5″ in diameter. Don’t remember what type of wood. Top colored with HS Intrinsic colors and a light touch of Gold Embellishing wax on the center textured area. Bowl and bottom finished with HS Gloss wax.

Two Cherry Chalice

From a Cherry Tree cut down March 2019

Olive Chalice

A small (75mm high, 75mm diameter) chalice in some rather nice olive wood. It feels really nice, too, so. bit touchy feely!

Touchy Yew

Tactile Yew turned and carved

Chalice challenge

As a newby not sure if this meets the challenge, perhaps I should set my sights higher.

Feely base

This is the base of my gold leaf bowl.. At least spell checker didnt change the work this time …gggrrrrr

Touching for me

Not sure what touchy feely was but I made this bowl with feeling for someone but also inlaid brass on outer and gold leave and iridescent paint finish in bowl. So different feel as well.

Information and Tips on Demonstrations and Meetings

Here is some information we hope you will find useful about our club meetings and demonstrations, where to find recordings in the Facebook group, some limitations we face as a club as well as tips on overcoming connection issues at your end. Join the Facebook Group First and foremost, to access recordings of our demonstrations …

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Olive Ash Chalice

Olive Ash chalice, 5″tall x 4″dia

Chalice challenge November

Hope this constitutes a chalice!!

Chalice attempt

Wasn’t sure of the difference between a goblet and a chalice so I hope this qualifies for this month’s challenge.

October ’20 Challenges: Pumpkins and Wands

It only seemed right to have a slightly spooky challenge for our members in our first October together . . .

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A wand, just the wand, and nothing but the wand

A piece of apple with Intrinsic colors and HS wax. From a dry trimming, some bark remained after turning to make some ‘buttons’. Even though it was dry, it was still branch wood and, after several days passed, did warp to add to the charm

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