December 2020 archive

Snow men & Christmas trees

Lots of snow families turned this year

salt and pepper mill

attempt to a salt and pepper mill .the salt one has white embellishing wax and the pepper one black embellishing wax

christmas night light

combination of trees and snowman with a small night light

“avant garde” nativity scene

a modern nativity scene finished by my wife crochet

German Smoker

A Colwin Way German Smoker.

Christmas decoration

Iron wood with gold band

Santa Hat Gnome by Ligia Rodrigues

Body, hat and Pom Pom were made from 1 piece of sycamore. The hat was dyed red and it was then finished with HS Danish Oil. The nose was the only separate piece and it was turned from a cypress pen blank.

California Snowman Trio

What exactly are California Snowmen? It’s simple, they never melt.

Angels Singing High

This is a trio of angels I create to place as centerpieces on a table or fireplace mantle.

Moss Roof Birdhouse

This is a birdhouse ornament with a roof made of green moss.

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