December 2020 archive

Snow men & Christmas trees

Lots of snow families turned this year

salt and pepper mill

attempt to a salt and pepper mill .the salt one has white embellishing wax and the pepper one black embellishing wax

christmas night light

combination of trees and snowman with a small night light

“avant garde” nativity scene

a modern nativity scene finished by my wife crochet

German Smoker

A Colwin Way German Smoker.

Christmas decoration

Iron wood with gold band

Santa Hat Gnome by Ligia Rodrigues

Body, hat and Pom Pom were made from 1 piece of sycamore. The hat was dyed red and it was then finished with HS Danish Oil. The nose was the only separate piece and it was turned from a cypress pen blank.

California Snowman Trio

What exactly are California Snowmen? It’s simple, they never melt.

Angels Singing High

This is a trio of angels I create to place as centerpieces on a table or fireplace mantle.

Moss Roof Birdhouse

This is a birdhouse ornament with a roof made of green moss.

Beehive Birdhouse

This is a birdhouse ornament with a beehive style roof and a red robin.

Fencepost Snowmen

I make these snowmen put of 4×4 fenceposts.

Natural Edge Ornament

Ornament with bark and finial.

I’m an Angel

Base – ovangol, body – cherry with an African rosewood waist and painted sycamore wings. The wings are 1mm at the edge, 2mm in the centre to give support and pierced.

Elm Santa Hat (freestyle festive fun) by Ligia

Made from one piece of Elm, quick and fun to make.

Nativity (freestyle festive fun) by Ligia Rodrigues

My Nativity scene, inspired by a design by Gerard Dubois

Tom’s Touchy Feely bowl

A small chestnut bowl, 125mm diameter, 50mm high, with some texturing applied to the base and rim and beading applied to the bottom, in a continuous cut, inspired by Les Thorne.

A Christmas chalice

Ash branch 7 1/2” x5 1/2” coloured with intrinsic colours and iridescent paints from Chestnut! Enjoyed the process although it tested my skill level ?

Is it real?

A little something made from a firewood log

My finger bowl – touchy feely

I’m calling this one finger bowl as my fingers fit into the concave curves perfectly when i pick it up, not planned, but a happy accident. I love the figure in this walnut, it may just be my favorite turning to date.

Textured bowl – Martin copycat

Here’s a bowl I turned using Brazilian Cherry, very hard and dense wood. I used the arbortech mini grinder to texture and added some gold embellishing wax.

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