January 2021 archive

Aluminium Powder Inlay

Oak lidded box – 9 cm tall – and …. of course finished in Hampshire Sheen

Copper Special

My special Elm lidded box with copper wire inlay to body and copper powder inlay to lid

Hinged Lidded Box

First attempt at a lidded box with hinge. Coloured black and gold embellishing wax to finish. Inside just HS High Gloss

Winter Snowfall

This is a bowl in poplar/tulip wood measuring 8″diam x 2″ high. The underside is finished in Hampshire Sheen and the surface is unfinished with white epoxy putty (Milliput) filled into drill holes before cutting back and sanding. With apologies for the late post.

Inlaid lidded box

Ash lidded box with H/S bronze inlay powder, lots of tool marks but lots of fun!

Winter Blues

This is an ash bowl, about 9.5″ wide, the hollowed out bowl is only about 4.5″ wide, and it stands around 1 3/4″ tall. I used 3 different colors of mica powder mixed with resin to fill the channels I cut in the rim.

Ice, ice baby

A box based on one turned by Les Thorne. Cherry which has been painted with white gesso, over which, there is blue iridescent and then pearl white sponged on – all Jo Sonja.

Snowflake Box

My attempt to combine the challenges, Sapele box, inlaid with snowflakes in epoxy and glitter.

Boxing with Zebras ???

My first go at a small bookmatched inlay lidded box, approx 2 by 4 inch. A piece of sapele with contrasting lime insert at lid joints with a zebrano bookmatched inlay, a little texture detail and of course YG & HS products to finish. ?

Simon says, Winters coming….. ?

My take on the monthly combined challenge… a “Winter” inlaid lidded box! ❄ Beech box with an aluminium powder inlay to lid, coloured with HS intrinsics and HS embelishing wax ?

The coin box

4” x3” Spalted box with Walnut inlay on the lid and an Isle of Man £1 coin inlayed on the inside

Olive Ash box with Purple Heart inlay

4″x2.5″ Olive Ash box with Purple Heart inlay

Inlaid box attempt.

Here is my box in oak with sapele and laburnum inlay plus a milliput band. Wife thinks it looks like a pepper pot – thanks.

Feather box for beak hunter

Small box in boxwood and walnut finish highglosh hampshiresheen

My tea within

Tea time ?

A winters tale pot

My winters tale. Chrisp frost sits on the golden golden hedgerows next to the fallow fields…. but within lies a warm cup of tea. Mahogany with black silica inlay, plum and brass inlay on lid with eccentric handle.

first trial at challenge

i tried to combine milliput and martin powder ..i think i need a finial on top

bansia pod

this picture shows the rim with milliput and it is abox

banksia pod effect

a trial ..banksia pod effect inlaid with milliput box ..i was inspired by tim yoder demo and tried it but a real bansia pod would be much better


The birds also need food in the winter. The roof and the platter is made of goat willow and the pole is made of rowan. It is treated with paraffin oil.

Clean shaven gnome

A bit of a last-minute entry, I finally had a go at turning a gnome, after Rebecca’s excellent demo, but had nothing to make a beard from, so i decided to try turning it in one piece (except the nose, of course!)

Simple tea light holder

I like finishing at the moment with the classic wax

Christmas tea light

Tea light and candle holder The Yew looks lovely I think with really strong pink lines in the grain

Gold leaf sweetie dish

Spalted Beech finished with hold gilt

Brass inlay nut bowl

Brass powder inlay

Christmas table centre

Few bits of yew on a bit of yew

Woodturning shop pen kit

Bought kit from woodturning shop. Not a pen expert but seemed to go together well.

Christmas clock

Floating Maple clock finished simply with classic wax

Christmas smorgasbord

A few quick gifts made over the holidays

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