May 2021 archive

Gonk in a box in a box

Yew gonk, 20mm tall, in a yew box in another yew box

Stacking Tower

Challenge was inside/inside..? Each has a locating ring in the base.. Made from a sycamore branch cut down last March, finished with toy safe wax.


A Hussif, or Housewife, is a traditional sewing repair kit, more often made as a fabric pouch. The wooden version here can hold sewing needles in the centre section and threads around the spindle.

Box in a box in a box

These boxes were made for Yuval Lahav to weep aminiature goblet in

Star Gazing

Candle sticks for the challenge

‘Candle’ Challenge Submissions

Well done and thank you to all the WT360 members who submitted work for the April 2021 challenge of ‘Candle’. Here’s the slideshow of their work.

Candle Holders

Maple and Wenge

Candle Holder

Spalted Maple and Walnut

The Trinity

One 12” and two 6” candle sticks. Natural edge on the bas, all made from yew.


A simple TeaLight holder, from laminated beech and mahogany.

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