July 2021 archive

Weed Pot Vessel

Base is a simple weed pot…with additive wood flowers per the last demo just as an added feature. Dave John

Fluted Hollow Form

Bradford Pear, Modern Masters metallic paint, matte lacquer topcoat

Square Box

My variation after seeing a Pat Carroll IRD. Cherry, glass, aluminum, Jo Sonja Iridescent paint, matte lacquer topcoat

Big Dice

From a 3 inch block of Ash Root with padouk inlay for the dots. Finished size is 60mm cube. Sides 6, 4 and 2 were turned on a screw chuck using a 15mm waste section, then the three reverse sides were mounted with the screw fixed in the middle dot on the 5, 3 and …

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maple, 2 1/2 inches tall

Second chance

My second 3x3x3 turning, but also the second time I turned this piece, as the original textured cube didn’t work out, so I put it back on the lathe and made a more conventional box!

Off Centre Box

Entry for the 3x3x3 challenge . A simple box with the lid turned off centre. Not sure what the wood is it may be Sapele

Little Sphere

Made this from 3 x 3 square, the stand and handle were made from cutting off the corners. hope the laminate isn’t illegal.

Three edged bowl from 3x3x3

My blank turned into a three edged bowl in chestnut, finished with Hampshire Sheen’s Danish oil.

Trinket box

Trinket box with pewter button in lid

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