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Birch Calabash

Turned a piece of spalted birch, finishen with Hampshire Sheen gloss vax. Im Not shure if i succeeded within the calabash shape or size 🤷‍♂️ But im happy to be a member of a wood turning club 😊

Looks like a Calabash

Really liked the shape of the Calabash so tried to keep to the dimensions on the demo. Only problem is hollowing an undercut rim for thin walls as limited space meant the gouge handle hit the wall so I couldnt get a greater angle. But even so pleased with the outcome.

Calabash fun

Two attempts in the end, both sycamore both have slight ratio issues I found getting the sizing right a fun challenge, but love the shape and will certainly keep playing with in for years to come.

Callabash style, Take 2

Second go at the style, I’m not very good at curves but I enjoyed the challenge. A piece of rippled sycamore, I tried to colour it but it did not look good so I took it of again. I like the shape on this one and the proportions are better, 7″ x 3″ high

Callabash style

This is my first attempt at the callabash style. Made from sycamore I have kept it simple, 9 1/2″ wide x 2 1/2″ high

a try at it

made from sapelee, only small one as the size of blank i had, fun to do though


A witches cat

Witches Brew

Yew cauldron and the witches enchanted potion mixer.

Bat House

Bat House

What the witch left behind.

Had a bit of fun turning some scraps into these items. I used Staffordshire black on the birch cat and then lacquer.

Witches Cauldron

A small bowl, about 3.5″ tall, and 5″ wide, made from maple and painted with Jo Sonja paints over black lacquer. The mood was dyed first with Intrinsic white.

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