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Big Leaf Maple Hollow Form

Big leaf maple, approx. 7 inches by 4 inches, wall thickness is about 3/16 inch. This is a soft maple so it may move a lot. Turned end grain.

November 2021 Challenge: Calabashes

Recently, Woodturning360 members enjoyed a remote demonstration by Emiliano Achaval from the islands of Hawaii. The demo was warmly received and Emiliano’s passion for calabashes rubbed off on our membership. The challenge after the demo was for members to turn their own calabashes from what they learned from Emiliano. The slideshow below are the results …

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Having a bash at a calabash

Tulipwood dyed with walnut crystals. Finished with lemon oil.

Pua Niki

This is in English Oak and is unfinished. It’s a 5 inch diameter bowl for Grandson’s 1st birthday in December.

First Calabash

Monkey Pod


Monkey Pod

Calabash x2

Two calabash bowls: on the left Approx. 7.5 in dia with about 4.25 depth – Avocado wood material. Finished with Citrus Oil about six coats. On the right, Approx 9 in dia with 4 inch depth – Maple wood material. Finished with Yorkshire grit, and high gloss HS. Experimented with placing Peña patches on both. …

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Calabash Challenge – Keith

Steamed pear finihed with Hampshire gloss

Calabash Challenge – Gorden

Big Leaf (western) Maple 11″ wide x 5″ tall Finish -Watco Danish Oil

Calabash Challenge – Max

Fiddleback maple calabash.

Calabash challenge

This is from a yew log, it turned out smaller than expected and I left some bark to keep it a useable size, the base is suitably rounded so it can be tipped but still returns upright, great for peanuts but not much more! I enjoyed the process but would like to try again with …

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Ash Calabash

I think it needs to curve in more at the rim, but I made the sides too thin to take them in any more

Brent’s Calabashes

My version on the calabash bowl. The first one is black walnut and the second one is silver maple with some ambrosia. Both are oil finished

My calabash

Not as shinny as hoped. Black Walnut. 15 inches across

Second try Calabash

Still not sure if the shape is right! This one is from an ash log, quite a few splits and a rather large branch inclusion in the bottom, so I thought it might end up as firewood. It did give me an opportunity to try a couple of repairs, though.

Tom’s Calabash

My attempt at a Calabash, from a rather punky sycamore log. 165mm diameter, 75mm tall.

Calabash couple

Here are a few calabash bowls I’ve attempted.

Bash at a Calabash with colour – Andy Harris

This is my interpretation of an Hawaiian Calabash, turned from uncooperative Ash. As the grain on it’s own was not particularly inspiring I decided to add colour and shine. As usual HS stains came to the rescue. I have used Burnt Orange, Flame and Ruby with Honey to emphasize the slight rippling in the wood. …

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Turn-Along With Les

In Zoom, on a date to be decided, Les is looking for WT360 members who have internet access in their workshops and sheds to join him for a free trial event. The idea is that everyone in the meeting turns what Les does, copying the techniques to create their own version of the project. It …

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Calabash Bowl by Marc

My entry for the November Calabash bowl challenge, this is from beech and is about 15cm wide by 7cm deep, Very enjoyable to turn this shape!

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