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Looks like a Calabash

Really liked the shape of the Calabash so tried to keep to the dimensions on the demo. Only problem is hollowing an undercut rim for thin walls as limited space meant the gouge handle hit the wall so I couldnt get a greater angle. But even so pleased with the outcome.

Stacking Tower

Challenge was inside/inside..? Each has a locating ring in the base.. Made from a sycamore branch cut down last March, finished with toy safe wax.

Victorian Bed Chamber light

Had a google on candles fpr this months challenge and liked the look of the Victorian bedchamber candle holders. So here my take on that candle theme, A couple of offcuts from the bin… think it was beech, Finished with ebonising laquer and a modern tea light holder.

Two Cherry Chalice

From a Cherry Tree cut down March 2019

Halloween Wand

Not a fan of Harry Potter so no idea of what a wand should lok like but the grandaughter decided she would like one.. Well , she liked it

Deep and round Ash Bowl with purple and gold.

Ash bowl with Plum base with gold embelishing wax

Asian inspired Square Bowl

First attempt at a square bowl with lidded box.. Although I thought it was finished I then decided to spray underside with HS Black Laquer… I iike the effect. I Learned a lot with this piece …jam chuck creation, reverse chucking ( tapered sides of box wouldnt hold in dovetails), ripped out of a recess …

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Busters Honey Dipper

“nd attempt made it off the lathe in one piece ( first one didnt lol) sanded to 400 and several coats of HS food safe Danish Oil.. Happy with the attempt

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