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Calabash x2

Two calabash bowls: on the left Approx. 7.5 in dia with about 4.25 depth – Avocado wood material. Finished with Citrus Oil about six coats. On the right, Approx 9 in dia with 4 inch depth – Maple wood material. Finished with Yorkshire grit, and high gloss HS. Experimented with placing Peña patches on both. …

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Weed Pot Vessel

Base is a simple weed pot…with additive wood flowers per the last demo just as an added feature. Dave John

Trunnion Box by Dave John

Three captured rings with a “thing” (ring) in a box. A turning design by English turner David Regester from his book”Turning Boxes and Spindles”. Texture added on lid and on the bottom of the piece. Maple material with Lacquer finish. 2 1/4” dia. 5” (H).

Dave John – Maple Challice w/Walnut Accents

3 1/2 inch 7 in height. Texturing and two captured rings. Shellac spray on finish.

Maple Chalice w/Walnut accent

Approx 3 1/2 in dia/ 7 inch height. Use of texturing tools and beading incorporated. Shellac spray on finish. Dave John

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