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Matryoshka EGG

the thing into a thing into a thing …so there is a russian egg ….7 eggs into one from 1.5cm for the smallest to 170 cm for the tallest

you say Candle or Candles ????

a little interpretation of Candles…….

the Dreaded Big “C”

just a better picture of the inside

the DreadedBig “C”

every year the local radio station organize a 3 day radiothon to raise fund for the cancer children ward unit in Cork University Hospital. I call my piece a cell with a cell it represent( abstractly..) the “C ” cell attacking a living cell from within . the “C” cell is coated with stone effect …

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first trial at challenge

i tried to combine milliput and martin powder ..i think i need a finial on top

bansia pod

this picture shows the rim with milliput and it is abox

banksia pod effect

a trial ..banksia pod effect inlaid with milliput box ..i was inspired by tim yoder demo and tried it but a real bansia pod would be much better

salt and pepper mill

attempt to a salt and pepper mill .the salt one has white embellishing wax and the pepper one black embellishing wax

christmas night light

combination of trees and snowman with a small night light

“avant garde” nativity scene

a modern nativity scene finished by my wife crochet

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