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french wines and their glasses

each french county has a specialty wine and a special glass to go with it here is my take in “your country “

Matryoshka EGG

the thing into a thing into a thing …so there is a russian egg ….7 eggs into one from 1.5cm for the smallest to 170 cm for the tallest

you say Candle or Candles ????

a little interpretation of Candles…….

the Dreaded Big “C”

just a better picture of the inside

the DreadedBig “C”

every year the local radio station organize a 3 day radiothon to raise fund for the cancer children ward unit in Cork University Hospital. I call my piece a cell with a cell it represent( abstractly..) the “C ” cell attacking a living cell from within . the “C” cell is coated with stone effect …

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first trial at challenge

i tried to combine milliput and martin powder ..i think i need a finial on top

bansia pod

this picture shows the rim with milliput and it is abox

banksia pod effect

a trial ..banksia pod effect inlaid with milliput box ..i was inspired by tim yoder demo and tried it but a real bansia pod would be much better

salt and pepper mill

attempt to a salt and pepper mill .the salt one has white embellishing wax and the pepper one black embellishing wax

christmas night light

combination of trees and snowman with a small night light

“avant garde” nativity scene

a modern nativity scene finished by my wife crochet

eucaliptus chalice

a piece of eucaliptus finished with HS gloss wax ..might try a wider and lower one next time ?

another wand for the porridge

did a second wand for the kitchen this one is made out of a brush handle did wanr to fly so it become a scotisc spurtle ..finish with HS wax

all wands are not magic……

when i said to my wife the challenge is a “wand” she said i need one for the kitchen ?????? a scotish wand …know as a scotish spurttle there it is with bronze inlays and HS wax finish

ash bowl

was off today so went for the first time in shed for a bit of quiet and rest…. ash bowl…but i understood that you loose all sense for turning very quickly when it is over 3 weeks you haven’t been at the lathe there is mistake but i think it is not too bad

segmented bowl

not a lot time in workshop due back to work ..did this at the start of the month for my son birthday present a segmented bowl teak and mapple …

flatter platter????

well with what is available in the shed ..found a piece of 4″ x 36″ that i used about 6 years ago to do house sign with router ..they were cracking all over ..manage to cur a small circle ..less than 30cm and by god it was very very very dry ..trying to turn it …

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and another one…….bite the dust ?????

this time i think i got the proportion right ..the wood is alder that i found in the pile of fire wood we have ….it is my only solution to get season wood …it is like going through “a skip”….just finish with danish oil

and another one

second honey dipper …the wood is laburnam a piece from the “men shed” in cork just finish with danish oil

first of many??????

first honey dipper for this month challenge ….made usual from a table leg ..i think the bottom part is a bit too big but succeded in incorporating a ring at the top ..just finish with danish oil

latest spinning top

was “commissioned ” to do a spinning top for a cousin 21st is palm tree with danish oil and wax

another spinning top

turned from the square part of a table leg ..jus boiled linsed oil and microcristaline was from HS

spinning top number 3

use a piece of green sicamore ..just danish oil and microcristalinne wax

Trial at First Spinning Top

i tried to turn my first challenge i use a segmented piece that glued waiting for the lathe to be delivered

newbies challenge

here is the second trial ..made from a leg of a table …must find a way of getting blank..of there will be no more furniture in the house

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