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Off Centre Box

Entry for the 3x3x3 challenge . A simple box with the lid turned off centre. Not sure what the wood is it may be Sapele

A Greener world in their hands

An Ash sphere mounted on a plaster hand cast from a mould of my grandaughters hand. The hand was painted with reactive paint. Mounted on a base plinth of Oak.

Mixed up bowl

A dizzy bowl made with cherry, maple, purple hartand others that I dont know.

Raised Flatter Platter

I dont know what the wood is as it came from a log pile. I turned it and then coloured it with Intrinsic Colours and finished it with Hampshire Sheen High Gloss

Tipi Top

Only a small top made from sycamore. Decorated with felt tip pens. It took a little while to turn to a shape that would flip upside down and keep spinning

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