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Teacher appreciation

Paul Dowling inspired me to make these 70 mini vases and deliver them to the teachers at my kids school.

Winter Blues

This is an ash bowl, about 9.5″ wide, the hollowed out bowl is only about 4.5″ wide, and it stands around 1 3/4″ tall. I used 3 different colors of mica powder mixed with resin to fill the channels I cut in the rim.

My finger bowl – touchy feely

I’m calling this one finger bowl as my fingers fit into the concave curves perfectly when i pick it up, not planned, but a happy accident. I love the figure in this walnut, it may just be my favorite turning to date.

Textured bowl – Martin copycat

Here’s a bowl I turned using Brazilian Cherry, very hard and dense wood. I used the arbortech mini grinder to texture and added some gold embellishing wax.

Final wand

Here’s my final submission, it’s a wand I made for my daughter. Bloodwood which she asked that I paint as I painted her brothers, which caused me major pains.

Pumpkin wand

Here’s a wand I made for my kids teacher. 3 pumpkins for each of my kids in her class. It’s purple heart colored with iridescent paints and some burnt orange.

Wands for my boys

Here are a couple of wands I made for my boys. They are both maple which has been colored with intrinsic colors, and highlighted with some iridescent paints and embellishing waxes

Wands for niece and nepher

Here are wands I made for my niece and nephew, One is bloodwood, and the other I can’t remember. The kids are only 4 so they need to be a little more sturdy.

It’s a round bowl alright

Here’s a bowl i turned this last weekend. Not sure of the wood, but I took a shot at atmospheric coloring, minus the black. I used Ruby, Flame, Burn Orange, and Honey on it. It’s 13.5″ in diameter and about 3.25″ deep.

Matt’s flatter platter

Not sure of the wood, probably elm or maple. Not sure what food I’d serve from it but I think it looks cool and it’s pretty flat.

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