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Pua Niki

This is in English Oak and is unfinished. It’s a 5 inch diameter bowl for Grandson’s 1st birthday in December.

The Ashes Urn

The Ashes Urn in Mahogany – Good luck England in Australia this Winter!

Big Dice

From a 3 inch block of Ash Root with padouk inlay for the dots. Finished size is 60mm cube. Sides 6, 4 and 2 were turned on a screw chuck using a 15mm waste section, then the three reverse sides were mounted with the screw fixed in the middle dot on the 5, 3 and …

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Michelle’s Sick

This is meant to highlight the problem with rubbish finding it’s way into the sea from boats and also being left on the beach. It was inspired by Cindy Drozda’s Sea Urchin demo followed by a trip to the local beach where the rubbish was picked up.


Planted in a High Street Alley somewhere in West Sussex….

Winter Snowfall

This is a bowl in poplar/tulip wood measuring 8″diam x 2″ high. The underside is finished in Hampshire Sheen and the surface is unfinished with white epoxy putty (Milliput) filled into drill holes before cutting back and sanding. With apologies for the late post.

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