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Boxing with Zebras ???

My first go at a small bookmatched inlay lidded box, approx 2 by 4 inch. A piece of sapele with contrasting lime insert at lid joints with a zebrano bookmatched inlay, a little texture detail and of course YG & HS products to finish. ?

Simon says, Winters coming….. ?

My take on the monthly combined challenge… a “Winter” inlaid lidded box! ❄ Beech box with an aluminium powder inlay to lid, coloured with HS intrinsics and HS embelishing wax ?

Chalice with a ring!

A Chalice with a captive ring, made from an uninteresting (non branch) piece of monkey puzzle tree. Finished in black intrinsic with a little white and silver embellishing wax. (Approx 5″ across)

Pumpkin Kings Magic Wand! ?

Magic Pumpkin Wand! Made from an offcut of hardwood floorboard, 16 inches long with four mini carved pumpkins too. ??

Carved Halloween Pumpkin ?

This was supposed to be a prototype for a bigger version, just trying out ideas, but turned out okay and never got more time to attempt another anyway! So here it is. Wood unknown turned & hollowed out into a box form then detail carved using a dremmel, coloured with HS intrinsics, lit with led …

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Getting Round with an Atmospheric Bowl

Mixed up the monthly challenge, with inspiration from Martins colouring demo too… Resulting in this silver birch bowl atmosphericly coloured with fiery sunset intrinsic collection, topped off with a high gloss wax.

“Tiger King” textured flatter platter!

Beech, cut with a textured stripe finish on top rim, with a brass inlay into the crack, HS intrinsic colours to create & enhance the tiger stripes. Reverse side has HS textured black and white mixed volcanic sand inserted into rings. Approx 3mm thickness across platter with a 2mm foot/mortise all finished with YG and …

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Dibber or Dipper? How about one of each? ??

Beginers challenge for July: plain one is from Ash with a little Danish oil too finish Other from cherry, this time with a little “bee” coloured beading and a honey pot atop.

亞洲的味道 အာရှတစ်အရသာ

“A taste of Asia” …inspired turnings ?⛩ Oriental Square box from Beech, Ash and Ekki finished with Yorkshire grit and Danish oil. (This piece nearly didn’t happen, it left the lathe on two occasions! ? broke a mortise, cracked a wing. After fixing this it did it again, so after moving on to something else …

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June Challenge: Simons Spinning Top

Piece of oak (rescued from the firewood pile) , approx 2 inch across, finished with Danish oil and a little gloss wax (video of it spinning on Facebook page)

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