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Gonk in a box in a box

Yew gonk, 20mm tall, in a yew box in another yew box


A Hussif, or Housewife, is a traditional sewing repair kit, more often made as a fabric pouch. The wooden version here can hold sewing needles in the centre section and threads around the spindle.


A simple TeaLight holder, from laminated beech and mahogany.


Dish from oak, reclaimed from a kitchen worktop, candle from a scrap of laburnum, coloured with HS Intrinsic Flame, dripping wax is 30 minute epoxy, also coloured with HS Flame.

Candle & candlestick

Multi-axis candlestick from laburnum, with cherry base, candle from spalted birch, with HS Intrinsic Flame, Ruby & Honey.

Their world

My take on craftivism, using wood turning. Hopefully, it conveys a conservation message!

Snowflake Box

My attempt to combine the challenges, Sapele box, inlaid with snowflakes in epoxy and glitter.

Clean shaven gnome

A bit of a last-minute entry, I finally had a go at turning a gnome, after Rebecca’s excellent demo, but had nothing to make a beard from, so i decided to try turning it in one piece (except the nose, of course!)

Tom’s Touchy Feely bowl

A small chestnut bowl, 125mm diameter, 50mm high, with some texturing applied to the base and rim and beading applied to the bottom, in a continuous cut, inspired by Les Thorne.

Olive Chalice

A small (75mm high, 75mm diameter) chalice in some rather nice olive wood. It feels really nice, too, so. bit touchy feely!

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