All the demonstrations detailed below can be enjoyed by members as part of their membership.
Members enjoy top quality demonstrations each month, and an additional monthly meeting PLUS, club founder Martin Saban-Smith does occasional bonus demonstrations – all hosted in Zoom.

Monday 22nd May: Discussion Meeting

5th June 2023: Martin Saban-Smith

Club founder Martin will present a demonstration for the club for the June meeting.
A professional turner, Martin turns mainly artistic, creative pieces.

Monday 19th June: Discussion Meeting

3rd July 2023: Matthias Bachofen

Matthias, a club member, resides and works in the Italian speaking area of Switzerland and has been teaching turning for 25 years.

Monday 24th July: Discussion Meeting

7th August 2023: Rudolph Lopez

Rudy’s energetic easy-going personality and his ability to explain woodturning techniques have allowed him to share his skills for woodturning through teaching and demonstrating at regional and national symposia and clubs across the USA. 

Monday 21st August: Discussion Meeting

4th September 2023: Rebecca DeGroot

Returning to Woodturning360, Rebecca’s demonstration details are to be confirmed.
Martin will be hosting the meeting from Rebecca’s workshop in Houston, TX!

Monday 18th Septembr: Discussion Meeting

2nd October 2023: Darren Breeze

We are welcoming back Darren from Suffolk, UK to present a demo never seen in public before.

Monday 23rd October: Discussion Meeting

6th November 2023: Les Thorne

Everyone enjoys a Les Thorne demonstration!

His informative and entertaining presentation style is easy to watch . . . you sometimes learn without realising it!

Monday 20th November: Discussion Meeting

7th December 2023: Donna Zils Banfield

Live from New Hampshire, Donna will be demonstrating her Scraffitto work – the technique of carving through milk paint and gesso on your turnings.

Monday 18th December: Discussion Meeting/Quiz/Activity

~ 2024 ~

8th January 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 22nd January: Discussion Meeting

5th February 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 19th February: Discussion Meeting

4th March 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 18th March: Discussion Meeting

8th April 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 22nd April: Discussion Meeting

TUESDAY 7th May 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 20th May: Discussion Meeting

3rd June 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 17th June: Discussion Meeting

8th July 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 22nd July: Discussion Meeting

5th August 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 19th August: Discussion Meeting

2nd September 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 23rd September: Discussion Meeting

7th October 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 21st October: Discussion Meeting

4th November 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 18th November: Discussion Meeting

2nd December 2024: TBA

Information will be added here when a demonstrator confirms.

Monday 16th December: Discussion Meeting

~ Past Demonstrations ~

2nd May 2023: Kirk DeHeer

Kirk is based in Provo, Utah working out of a shop stacked full of drying bowl blanks in crates. He salvages hard-to-find beautiful hardwood logs from urban trees and transforms them into roughed out pieces before sending to woodturners to finish turn.

3rd April 2023: Jason Clark

Jason has been involved in Woodturning for nearly 2 decades in my modest 2 car garage. Woodturning is his passion and he is an ambassador for all aspects of woodturning as well as wood art in general.

March 2023: Pascal Oudet

A brand new turner to Woodturning306, Pascal will be presenting his demonstration from his workshop in the French Alps.

February 2023: Pat Carroll

It is a pleasure to be welcoming Pat Carroll back to Woodturning360 after being very first external demonstrator back in 2020.

January 2023: Chris Parker

Chris Parker turned a textured and decorated pot for us like the one shown here.

December 2022: Les Thorne

Les will be turning a hollow form with a double-topped finial.

November 2022: Stewart Furini

This month, we welcome club Stewart Furini to the demo fraternity of Woodturning360 as he demonstrates one of his well known wide rimmed bowls.

October 2022: Trent Bosch

‘Vessels of Illusion’
In this demo participants will not only learn all the techniques that I go through in the creation of this body of work but how I developed it and why.  This demonstration will include turning the outer hollow form, carving the vessel, turning the insert, using wood bending to get the insert in the outer vessel, and principals of wood bending for woodturners.

September 2022: Kade Bolger

Kade will be demonstrating for us from his workshop in Ontario, Canada.

He turned a three pointed lotus flower bowl.

August 2022: Eric Lofstrom

‘Resonance’ square rimmed bowl.
In this session, you will learn how to turn an artistically inspired bowl with an
outward flowing square rim and crisp, echoing ripples.

July 2022: Richard Findley

Richard will illustrate box turning techniques with pewter casting and turning with standard woodturning tools.

June 2022: Jason Breach

Another new demonstrator to WT360 is Jason Breach and his utterly gorgeous pagoda boxes.

Jason is extremely well known at home and abroad as a turning demonstrator.

For more information, please visit

May 2022: Darren Breeze RPT

Darren will be demonstrating his wall hanging turning techniques to make a clock.

April 2022: Martin Saban-Smith

Martin turns a golden ratio lidded vase from contrasting woods

March 2022: Colwin Way RPT

Colwin is a member of the UK’s Register of Professional Turners and has been turning since he was 12 years old. He will be demonstratings his popular and fun German Smokers that he will be demonstrating for us on 7th March.

February 2022: Yann Marot

Very exciting to welcome Yann Marot to WT360 in February where he will be turning a pebble box as shown in the photo.

January 2022: Martin Saban-Smith

Wall hanging.

December 2021: Laurent Niclot

Laurent will be demonstrating texturing with a woodburning tool for us in December.
The image of the piece in the image here may be different to the piece demonstrated.

November 2021: Rene Normann

Resin – Discussing casting different resins and casting methods and turning a hybrid resin and wood pot.

October 2021: Emilano Achaval

Our most remote demonstration so far comes from the beautiful island of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean care of Emiliano Achaval who will be turning one of his well known koa calabash bowls.

September 2021: Harvey Meyer

Harvey is based in Atlanta, Georgia USA and has been turning for 21 years this year.

He is well known for his intricate and mesmerising basket illusion work, and it is this technique, he will demonstrate for us tonight.

August 2021: Glenn Lucas

Glenn will be demonstrating his famous Viking Dublin Bowl. It has a strikingly elegant shape dating back many hundreds of years, and with his inimitable style, Glenn will guide you through the process of making one.

July 2021: Carl Jacobson

It will be a pleasure to welcome the well known US YouTubing turner Carl Jacobson to the demonstration fold of Woodturning360 in July.

May 2021: Jeff Hornung

American turner Jeff Hornung will present for us, the turning of a Scottish Ring Handled Bowl – Inspired by an ancient Scottish design, this bowl features thin wall turning, rounded bottom and a pair of ring handles low on the form.

April 2021: Phil Irons

Phil’s Caddy Spoons are an item he has turned tens of thousands of in the last 15 years.
They are so much nicer to find in your tea and coffee containers than the normal plastic measuring spoons, over the years they develop a lovely patina from constant daily use.

March 2021 Bonus: Martin Saban-Smith

For the club bonus demo this month, Martin will be demonstrating his own take on a sea urchin ornament using an ‘Alphonse Tartan’ urchin.

Exclusively for Woodturning360 members, this demonstration will be presented in Zoom and streamed into the club Facebook group.

March 2021: Cindy Drozda

We’re very pleased to be bringing you Cindy Drozda in March 2021. She will be demonstrating for us how she makes these gilded sea urchin ornaments.

February 2021: Emma Cook

Emma is a UK favorite demonstrator, and she’ll be performing a valentine themed demo for us.
Details to follow.
In the meantime, find out more at

January 2021: Tim Yoder

Tim Yoder is one of the most watchable figures in woodturning in ever! His presentation style is light and friendly with a great ability to communicate the project he’s turning.
For his WT360 demonstration, Tim will be turning a banksia pod lidded box.

December 2020: Rebecca DeGroot

Rebecca DeGroot is an accomplished turner, woodworker, and artist in Texas, USA.

November 2020: Martin Saban-Smith

Goblets are a superb project for any level of experience. The make excellence spindle projects, and hones the end grain hollowing techniques.
For this presentation, Martin will demonstrate how you can take a goblet to another level of ‘attractive’ by adding a twist to the bowl rather than the more traditional twist on the stem.
Find out more about Martin and his work at

October 2020: John Boyne-Aitken RPT

John Boyne-Aitken RPT is the Chairman of the Register of Professional Turners and is known as the Bowler Hatted Turner.

September 2020: Martin Saban-Smith RPT

Martin’s demo for WT360 will be his most requested presentation – Atmospheric Colouring.
He will guide members and guests through his technique in detail of using water based colours to achieve stunning results on figured woods.
Martin will also discuss his philosophy of colouring wood and why it should be considered on every piece.

August 2020 Bonus: Les Thorne

Les Thorne is a world renowned production turner, demonstrator and teacher of woodturning.
As Les and Martin join forces with The Woodturning Shop, it is a pleasure for WT360 to host Les on one of his first remote demonstrations.

August 2020: Pat Carroll

Pat is a renowned and popular Irish turner known for his hollow forms and intricate carvings.
For our demonstration this month, he will show his method on how he turns his thin wall vessels, pierces them and burns them to echo deterioration and decay. Find out more about Pat at

July 2020: Martin Saban-Smith RPT

Finishing is a topic Martin is fanatical about, and in this demonstration, Martin will take you through a finishing process that starts with good tool presentation when turning.
Learn about the importance of good finishing and discover a technique that will give you a gorgeous finish every time.
Find out more about Martin at

June 2020: Inaugural Meeting

7.30pm (UK) Introducing the exciting new club and to discuss what members would like to see and do in the Tuesday meetings. We’ll also discuss which turners they would like to see demonstrate and other woodturning talk.
Members will be emailed the link to the Zoom meeting a couple of days before. It will also be streamed directly into the Facebook group.