Pumpkin Kings Magic Wand! 🎃

Magic Pumpkin Wand! Made from an offcut of hardwood floorboard, 16 inches long with four mini carved pumpkins too. 😃🎃

Jack O’Lantern

Here’s my first turned pumpkin. Process can be found on my YouTube challenge, “HodgePodge Woodworks”.

Scary Jack o lantern

Turned from old piece of beech, coloured with chestnut orange, black and white stain, carved out with a dremal

Wicked Witch Wanda’s White Wand

Turned , carved and left bare

Magic wand to vanquish Covid

A maple wand to crush Covid and for this months wand submission

Wand-ering about

Here are a couple of wands for the October challenge. The one on the left is a replica of Professor Dumbledore’s wand. The other is the genuine wand which belonged to the Professor’s not-so-much heard of half brother, Fumblemore, who dropped the

A worn wand for a Wiley Wandering Wizard

A piece of scrap 50×50 (2”x2”) fell under my gaze today while doing a non lathe related task in the workshop ….. the result, a go at one of this months challanges, the wand. Here is a well worn wand for a

It’s a kind of magic

A two piece wand with hidden feather and glow in the dark blade.

another wand for the porridge

did a second wand for the kitchen this one is made out of a brush handle ..it did wanr to fly so it become a scotisc spurtle ..finish with HS wax

all wands are not magic……

when i said to my wife the challenge is a “wand” she said i need one for the kitchen ?????? a scotish wand …know as a scotish spurttle ..so there it is with bronze inlays and HS wax finish

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