Inlaid box attempt.

Here is my box in oak with sapele and laburnum inlay plus a milliput band. Wife thinks it looks like a pepper pot – thanks.

A winters tale pot

My winters tale. Chrisp frost sits on the golden golden hedgerows next to the fallow fields…. but within lies a warm cup of tea. Mahogany with black silica inlay, plum and brass inlay on lid with eccentric handle.

banksia pod effect

a trial ..banksia pod effect inlaid with milliput box ..i was inspired by tim yoder demo and tried it but a real bansia pod would be much better


The birds also need food in the winter. The roof and the platter is made of goat willow and the pole is made of rowan. It is treated with paraffin oil.

Clean shaven gnome

A bit of a last-minute entry, I finally had a go at turning a gnome, after Rebecca’s excellent demo, but had nothing to make a beard from, so i decided to try turning it in one piece (except the nose, of course!)