August Challenges: Texture and A Flatter Platter

This month, members were challenged with experimenting with texture and turning a flatter platter – that’s all the information there were given! Have a look at the slideshow to see how they did!

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My Flattish Platter

I didn’t have any pieces large enough to turn the platter I wanted, so I decided to glue up some scraps, including a few different kinds of Oak, some Walnut and a little Maple. I ended up with a blank perfect for this 16″ platter. I aimed to make this platter as practical as possible, whilst maintaining the design and challenge objective. I think this platter would work well as a cheese/charcuterie board, with the bead in the middle providing a centrepiece for some baked camembert!

Flatter/textured platter

Square shape, used lime wood. Texture used over the bottom of the platter using texturing tool , coloured and burnt, topside, texturing, 🔥 and infill, several times before finishing using Hampshire sheen and intrinsic colours.

Phil’s Flattest ( first) Platter

First ever platter about 4-5mm thick simple embellishment with 3mm parting tool and a pair of skew cut v grooves, finished the HS Tung oil

Matt’s flatter platter

Not sure of the wood, probably elm or maple. Not sure what food I’d serve from it but I think it looks cool and it’s pretty flat.

Textured Burr Oak

Texture and platter in one, 27″ Burr Oak Platter textured with an Arbortech blade in an a 4.5″ angle grinder

Flat-ish platter

Here is my submission for the monthly 360 challenge. My “flatter platter” is not super flat, but I wanted to do something which reminded me of my trips to Australia and so I wanted to show the colours of the Red Centre with ancient pictograms from the Aboriginal people including their cave art. The images are supposed to tell a story but it’s up to you to decipher!! The images are pyrographed. The edge is burned to echo the burning that Aboriginals still do today. I used Intrinsic colours sprayed on with an airbrush then sprayed with alcohol (I know it’s a waste😉) to get a speckled effect. Also just sprayed straight from the bottle to get spattering. The wood is Tulip Wood which is not great but again I knew it would be heavily coloured. Finished only using fine Yorkshire Grit. Platter is 9 inches diameter.


Here is my submission for the monthly 360 challenge. The small goblet(3.5 in x 1.5 in) was inspired by watching Pat Carroll and is made from scrap spruce, unfinished as I knew I would employ acrylic paints, thickly, to look like aged rust. I hacked at the form with a Dremel then used a dry brush technique to build up layers.