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Clean shaven gnome

A bit of a last-minute entry, I finally had a go at turning a gnome, after Rebecca’s excellent demo, but had nothing to make a beard from, so i decided to try turning it in one piece (except the nose, of course!)

Simple tea light holder

I like finishing at the moment with the classic wax

Christmas tea light

Tea light and candle holder The Yew looks lovely I think with really strong pink lines in the grain

Gold leaf sweetie dish

Spalted Beech finished with hold gilt

Brass inlay nut bowl

Brass powder inlay

Christmas table centre

Few bits of yew on a bit of yew

Woodturning shop pen kit

Bought kit from woodturning shop. Not a pen expert but seemed to go together well.

Christmas clock

Floating Maple clock finished simply with classic wax

Christmas smorgasbord

A few quick gifts made over the holidays

Snow men & Christmas trees

Lots of snow families turned this year

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