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Michelle’s Sick

This is meant to highlight the problem with rubbish finding it’s way into the sea from boats and also being left on the beach. It was inspired by Cindy Drozda’s Sea Urchin demo followed by a trip to the local beach where the rubbish was picked up.

A little pot of gratitude.

My craftivism submission. It’s been a tough year for all of us; pesonal health, mental health, seperation from family and career/financial fears. But, no matter how much this year tries to drag us down I never fail to forget the hard working health care staff that are putting themselves at risk everyday. All that is …

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Teacher appreciation

Paul Dowling inspired me to make these 70 mini vases and deliver them to the teachers at my kids school.

A slice of thought

Not sure if this piece fits the criteria? But it is made from a reclaimed beech kitchen worktop turned, carved and painted with a variety of paints. It is to make people think? It represents a slice of brain of those who have dementia the left side healthy the right side waiting away with the …

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Peaceful Craftivism

For my friend who runs Planet Peaceful, I created a Peace Box to serve either as an award for the youth she helps or to help support her cause. Box is about 50mm (2.5in) in diameter, made of maple with walnut/mixed wood inlay ( had to do an inlaid box since I missed turning in …

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Craftivism Nest

My piece for this month’s challenge is a nest, with 4 eggs all of different shapes, sizes, colours and conditions. The message I’m attempting to portray is that we should always strive to nurture and protect those that need it, or that could benefit from it. Not everyone starts from the same position of opportunity …

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Planted in a High Street Alley somewhere in West Sussex….

Here’s my heart.

As somebody a lot more famous than me once sang ‘All you need is love’, and despite all the troubles in the world throughout history, this has proved to be true. This heart tea light is turned from reused oak, coloured with Chestnut spirit stain and then embellished with gold HS wax. Apologies for the …

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flower of yew love

this for my wife to show her how i love her !

Forget “Bee” Not

I wanted to do something nature related, with a light hearted representation , but serious message. My entry for this month is to support bees. Flower – London Plane, bee/stem – beech, pot – unknown. Decorated with Jo Sonjas iridescent paints.

Flower form

Fragile Earth, fragile flower

the Dreaded Big “C”

just a better picture of the inside

the DreadedBig “C”

every year the local radio station organize a 3 day radiothon to raise fund for the cancer children ward unit in Cork University Hospital. I call my piece a cell with a cell it represent( abstractly..) the “C ” cell attacking a living cell from within . the “C” cell is coated with stone effect …

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Preserve the diversity of species

Simple bowl but one you have to pick up to see the detail. The dialogue being that mankind needs to look closer to understand the impact he is having on the natural world.

A Greener world in their hands

An Ash sphere mounted on a plaster hand cast from a mould of my grandaughters hand. The hand was painted with reactive paint. Mounted on a base plinth of Oak.

Green Pine Apples?

A simple bowl and apples turned from recycled wood. It is a great thing woodturners can do, turning rubbish into practical or precious things. It’s cheap too! Look for your local center.

Hidden disabilities

Not all disabilities are visible. This piece represents hidden disabilities as it is a plain, but shaped, bowl with lid on the outside. When the lid is removed it reveals the hidden disabilities logo and sunflower which is another recognised symbol for hidden disabilities.

Their world

My take on craftivism, using wood turning. Hopefully, it conveys a conservation message!

Monthly challenge February

I have made this piece with PTSD in mind. A subject which is close to me as I’m afraid I suffer with it. Fortunately I discovered Woodturning and I find it a great way of somehow dealing with my issues. Anyway enough of that, I hope you enjoy this nutcracker as much as I enjoyed …

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