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July Challenges: Honey Dippers and a Taste of Asia

For the July challenges, WT360 members were tasked with their first cryptic piece and an easy piece – Honey Dippers and ‘A Taste of Asia’.

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Chinese Gong

This I my take on the taste of Asia challenge, a Chinese gong. The gong itself is mottled beach, coloured with intrinsic colours, textured and decorated with guilt cream. The mallet is ash, and the stand was made from some of cuts of walnut, I sprayed it gold and then black, then rubbed off some …

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Last minute honey dipper

So i turned a rushed, last minute honey dipper out of a piece of cherry I had lying around. Was a fun little turn, I can see where I rushed the sanding and I didn’t put a finish on it. But it’s not awful for the first time I’ve ever turned one of these.

My taste of Asia

Ash hollow form with an oriental style finial lid. Coloured with intrinsic colours and I used ebonishing lacquer on the finial and base. Finished with Hampshire sheen gold embellishing wax and gloss wax.

Mark Wallington taste of Asia challenge

Bowl with Shou Sugi ban exterior and painted and carved rim and interior. Finished with lacquer

Cherry blossom rice bowl

Very punky piece of acacia and very much a trial and error piece. Background black gesso, fixed outline sticker in the panel, then painted on the cherry blossom and leaves with iridescent paint, finally stipple effect with gold iridescent paint over the black and black over the gold. Not happy with the painting, so back …

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Taste of Asia

Sculptural Vase taking inspiration from the work of Mark Sanger.

Essex Honey Dipper :)

2 part Oak under the guild, sapele base burnished finish to the dipper.

07/20 Ian’s Honey dipper

Here is my honey dipper for the July challenge, had some issues getting the photo to upload (hence not a great pic)

Asian Challenge done in Pens

Thought I would do something different – so many bowls, so three pens in Asian Wood.

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