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Better late than never …..

You YoYo Dude!

I have now worked out how to do this ?

Steve’s Spinning Top

So my 2nd attempt at a spinning top, made from ash I think, and coloured with you….. guessed it, non other than the HampshireSheen intrinsic collection…… It’s bit of a chunky monkey, and needs a good spinning technique but when it goes it spins for a wee while.

Maple & Walnut yo-yo

glued a few small off cuts together, to make this yo-yo. Not overly happy with the glue up, got a bit lazy and didn’t plane the faces, so the joints aren’t as tight as id like in places. but its a working yo-yo!

When life gives you lemons … make it spin

I turned this spinning top on 4th August 2018, and was very pleased when it actually spun.

latest spinning top

was “commissioned ” to do a spinning top for a cousin 21st is palm tree with danish oil and wax

Goatboy’s YoYo

My answer to the YoYo challenge. Walnut and maple, my favourite combo.

06/20 Ian’s spinning top entry

Fun challenge and still learnt a lot. Here is my spinning top, which does spin well. Made a little stand for it too ?

June Challenges: Spinning Tops and YoYos

Members of the brand new Woodturning360 Club had an easy start to their members challenges with Spinning Tops and YoYo’s. Here’s the slideshow of their work

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Tipi Top

Only a small top made from sycamore. Decorated with felt tip pens. It took a little while to turn to a shape that would flip upside down and keep spinning

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