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September ’20 Challenges: Getting Round with a Bowl and ‘Mixed-Up’

This month, WT360 members were challenged with Getting Round with a Bowl and ‘Mixed-Up’ Challenges. There is a fine selection of work here from our members – Read on to see the slideshow.

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So round bowl

Its a round bowl but mixed up too. Its sycamore and I didnt colour it…..

Mixed up ash bowl

sorry I’m late. I thought it was supposed to be posted on facebook which I’ve done the past couple months. Didn’t know (or forgot) it was supposed to be posted here. I was experimenting with different combinations and it wasn’t meant to be a finished piece, but it turned out ok. overall fits the “mixed …

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Last Minute Mixup

I thought I would be too late with this hanging ornament, made up of lots of bits and pieces!

My mixed up bowl

Pipped lime bowl with mixed enamel colours I found in the pound shop. First attempt at mixed colour.

Cherry bowl

29 cm cherry bowl finished with HS gloss wax

Yew Bowl

Yew natural edge bowl finished with danish oil

Tree wood burr

Found in log pile

Moody Blue

Its a 8 1/2 inch bowl out of what I think is cherry but am. Not sure ,finished with some intrinsic colours ,silver embellishing wax and high gloss.

The couple

The colours in the photo aren’t quite truthful. They are finished with intrinsic black, hot pink embellishing wax and gloss wax, all Hampshire Sheen.

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