Carved Halloween Pumpkin ๐ŸŽƒ

This was supposed to be a prototype for a bigger version, just trying out ideas, but turned out okay and never got more time to attempt another anyway! So here it is. Wood unknown turned & hollowed out into a box form

Skinflint Voldemort!

When Voldemort came into my wand shop a while back, this is the wand he wanted but he wasnโ€™t prepared to pay the price for it. Taking the much cheaper version, he left and ultimately this led to his demise at the

September ’20 Challenges: Getting Round with a Bowl and ‘Mixed-Up’

This month, WT360 members were challenged with Getting Round with a Bowl and ‘Mixed-Up’ Challenges. There is a fine selection of work here from our members – Read on to see the slideshow.

Texturing Fun

These three tops are the beginning of this year’s couple hundred spinning tops I make each year, each one with its own unique texturing pattern and colors. I make them for donated children’s holiday gifts that my local police department hands out

July Honey Dipper Challenge

Thanks to Lucky the dog for the approval, but here is my first challenge submission!

Honey dipper and bowl

My contribution to the two monthly challenges. Honey dipper, my first, from a scrap piece of popular, finished with mineral oil. The bowl is a take on Martinโ€™s bowl last week. Outside is complete. Black gloss paint and iridescent green and blue

June Challenges: Spinning Tops and YoYos

Members of the brand new Woodturning360 Club had an easy start to their members challenges with Spinning Tops and YoYo’s. Here’s the slideshow of their work

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