Mar-Apr Challenge: Texture

So, this was going to be a wall hanging, divided into 3 or 4 sections and different texture on each section, with a plain waxed centre. Then I chucked the blank….

After watching Chris Fisher turn a bowl at Newark, where he had a bose/boss (… aaargh whatever… a raised bit in the middle), I decided to do that to this wall hanging. But I also wanted to try out the new ‘piercing’ bits I got, so I textured it.

Now these bits fit into my piercing machine with a sleeve adaptor. Anyway… after using the large bit, I decided that I needed to use the smaller bit to fill in the gaps. So this bit changed colour whilst I was using it, and I didn’t want to burn my fingers so I tipped into a container. Oh the joy when I saw the sleeve bounce from there into the floor. Sigh. No idea where it was on the floor that was full of shavings, so I enjoyed myself for just over 30 minutes going through all the shavings looking for this sleeve which is approximately 15mm long and 3mm wide.

After texturing the middle, I saw it looked like the centre of a sunflower…. Long story short I had to remove some bits from the fluting jig to be able to use it, as it kept knocking on the higher part of the blank, but I got there in the end.

I used Intrinsic Honey, Earth and Black, Bronze and Gold HS Wax, HS Beeline (yes, I still have some), Jo Sonja Turquoise, Lumiere Halo Blue Gold and Citrine, and HS Santa CarnaCrystalline, then some lacquer on top.