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Pumpkin Kings Magic Wand! 🎃

Magic Pumpkin Wand! Made from an offcut of hardwood floorboard, 16 inches long with four mini carved pumpkins too. 😃🎃

Carved Halloween Pumpkin 🎃

This was supposed to be a prototype for a bigger version, just trying out ideas, but turned out okay and never got more time to attempt another anyway! So here it is. Wood unknown turned & hollowed out into a box form

Jack O’Lantern

Here’s my first turned pumpkin. Process can be found on my YouTube challenge, “HodgePodge Woodworks”.

Scary Jack o lantern

Turned from old piece of beech, coloured with chestnut orange, black and white stain, carved out with a dremal

Wicked Witch Wanda’s White Wand

Turned , carved and left bare

Magic wand to vanquish Covid

A maple wand to crush Covid and for this months wand submission

Wand-ering about

Here are a couple of wands for the October challenge. The one on the left is a replica of Professor Dumbledore’s wand. The other is the genuine wand which belonged to the Professor’s not-so-much heard of half brother, Fumblemore, who dropped the

Skinflint Voldemort!

When Voldemort came into my wand shop a while back, this is the wand he wanted but he wasn’t prepared to pay the price for it. Taking the much cheaper version, he left and ultimately this led to his demise at the

A worn wand for a Wiley Wandering Wizard

A piece of scrap 50×50 (2”x2”) fell under my gaze today while doing a non lathe related task in the workshop ….. the result, a go at one of this months challanges, the wand. Here is a well worn wand for a

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