Breakout Rooms?

Meetings are likely to be rather busy events with many members wishing to join in. To help ensure as many people as possible have an opportunity to speak, Tuesday meetings will be split into smaller ‘Breakout Rooms’ based around the specific topics the monthly meeting program:

  • Member Spotlight
  • Advice
  • Project Show & Tell
  • The main meeting room will be for general chat
  • And other rooms as required….

For detailed Breakout Room information for your device,
CLICK HERE to see the Zoom support page.

Joining a Room

After the introductions and run through of what the meeting will contain, members will be asked which room they would like to visit (if any). They will then be assigned and invited to the room of their choice.
When the rooms are opened, an invitation to Join the room or Later will be presented on your screen. Click Join to join the room, or Later to enter later.

Moving Rooms

Currently, if you wish to move rooms, a host needs to move you into a different room. There are three ways you can do this:

  • Leave the room you are in and return to the main meeting and ask to be moved . . .or
  • If the host is in the Breakout Room with you, they can move you directly.
  • Invite the host to your room and ask from there.

Leaving a Room

On your screen will be an option to Leave Room or Leave Meeting. If you click Leave Room, you will automatically be taken back to the main meeting to join the conversation there.

Asking for Help

If you need help in you Breakout Room, you can invite the host to visit your room directly to give you the help you need, or move one or more people to a different room.

Breakout Room Etiquette

  • A Room Host will be nominated before the rooms are opened. This will generally be one of the meeting hosts, or the member whose topic is being discussed – For example, in the Advice Room, the member seeking the advice will be nominated as the host.
  • Members are asked to mute their microphones if not speaking to keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Please respect your room host.

Breakout Room Functions

Just like in the main meeting room, you can:

  • See the other participants
  • Send chat messages to those in the room with you
  • Share your screen
  • Start/Stop your Audio and Video

Limitations of Breakout Rooms

  • Members using Chromebook computers or a Chrome Operating system are not currently able to use Breakout Rooms.
  • Breakout Rooms are not permitted to be recorded.
  • Only the main meeting can be streamed into the Facebook Group

For detailed Breakout Room information for your device,
CLICK HERE to see the Zoom support page.

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