Getting Involved

Members are encouraged to join our exclusive Facebook group for regular posts by the Club members and to receive notices, watch and re-view club meetings. They can also let us know they would like to be involved in a future meeting. How?

Using Facebook Topics:
When posting to the Facebook group, members can add their post to one of the new ‘Topics’. This will make finding information about these Topics easier for everyone as the number of posts grows.

Use the topics to let us know you’d like to be involved in a meeting. These topics are new to Facebook and currently only available on the desktop version of Facebook.

Member Spotlight: Leave a post with this topic if you would like to have 15 minutes to yourself to talk to the group about your turning. This will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A session for you.
Advice Clinic: Post here if you would like advice on something in particular. Again this will be a 15 minute spot for you to talk about your problem, followed by suggestions from the group to problem-solve it for you.
Show & Tell: Show off your latest piece to the group, or something you have turned in the past! Post with this topic and we’ll do our best to include you in the next meeting – we’ll let you know beforehand, of course.
We will be keeping an eye on these three topics in particular and get in touch to invite you to present to the club! Because of timings, we may not be able to accommodate more than one person each month but we will do our best to give everyone an opportunity over time.

Members can also email with a suggestion for their spotlight feature, Advice Clinic idea, or their Show & Tell.

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