I’m a Member But Can’t Access Member’s Content

If you are a member but cannot access member-only content, then there is a chance that your membership has not yet been renewed for the current month (see below).

To check, view your Subscription page in your member dashboard by clicking here: https://www.woodturning360.com/my-account/subscriptions/ and checking to see if you have a pending payment. See below for an example.

If you see that you have a pending payment, click on the Pay button to renew your membership and complete the check-our procedure as usual.

Why Did This Happen?
There is a chance that your payment for the current month wasn’t successful (there are various reasons for this) and the website paused your membership whilst we wait for the renewal to complete.

What Happens if I Don’t Renew?
If your renewal is not received as scheduled, the website prevents members-only content being shown to you, including the links to our monthly meetings.
The site will try to renew your membership for you for a few days and let us, and you know by email if it is having problems.
After approximately 10 days, the website will automatically cancel your membership and send you a message reflecting this.
We will also be notified by the site, after which you will be removed from the Facebook group if you are a member there, too.

How Can I Prevent This Happening Again?
Keep an eye on your emails – This site will notify you of any problems with your membership payment. Take action by logging in to your account and making the payment manually.