Member Challenges

Each month, members are set a challenge. Sometimes this will be along a seasonal theme, or inspired by one of our remote demonstrations or it could just be a random idea.

There are two challenges each month. One for Beginners and one for Intermediate+ turners. Some challenges will be specific in the task, others will be more cryptic and open to interpretation.

Challenges are not competitions – they are they there to stretch the turning legs, the imagination and hopefully develop the skills of the members.

Members can submit their pieces to the club each month by uploading tp to 3 photos and a description directly to the site using a link they will be sent each month. Their submissions will be added to the site with their name, description and photos.

  • See a sample challenge post
  • Click here to submit your challenge pieces!
  • You will need to be logged in to your account before you can submit your challenge pieces.
  • Your image should be no larger than 5000x5000px and be no larger than 2MB in size in .jpeg format.
  • Before your post is made visible to the public, we’ll double check it looks good, then publish it for you. This is temporary whilst we ensure it works properly.

At the next meeting, we’ll provide a slideshow of all the submissions that month.

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