Where Can I Find Meeting Recordings

Where possible (and permitted by demonstrators and connections), all our meetings are streamed into our Facebook group.

Here is an excerpt from a members only post about streaming details.

Facebook bundle all photos are videos uploaded to the group in a tab called ‘Media’ where they are stored under two separate tabs: Photos and Videos in upload date order. On a desktop, this ‘Media’ tab can be found at the top of the page, beneath the group banner:

Unlined is the Media section of the group on a desktop computer.

This tab does not appear to be visible on a mobile device. At least, I cannot see it on mine.

Facebook Group ‘Guides’

All WT360 hosted meetings and demonstrations can also be found under the ‘Units’ tab. This is visible on both desktop and mobile devices as below:

Under the Units tab, you can view all the previous recordings.

For more information about our streams, visit the members only post HERE.

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